Looking at the screen smartphones launched this year, we see there is a feeling ... suddenly bored. Never the same smartphone models such, any configuration parameters like apples and oranges, and which is also a candybar design chocolate seen ... boring!

And remember the fierce battle scramble thinnest smartphone title with the most grainy camera has lasted since the iPhone appeared. Yet this 2015 seems the producers had reached a threshold where the difficulty may indicate a breakthrough difference.

As smartphone manufacturers like ecom premier academy review or Xiaomi compete with Apple by giving birth to almost the same equipment with very little difference, we feel mobile market has come to a dead end, where the selection and design all wrapped into a single mold common to everyone.

Of course on current market giants Samsung has sold a new phone loads. From trying to add value to cram dozens of applications on the device, Samsung tried to move on to try turning your smartphone into advanced product replacement for iPhone by creating bigger and bigger numbers on the detailed configuration panel (and continues to cram the value-added applications).

But considering the fact, the most high-end smartphones of today's manufacturers have reduced the distance to each other than ever before, at least in terms of performance. Users simply need to try not compare 810 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chip on the OnePlus Two quad-core chip with 1.5GHz Cortex-A53 on Samsung Galaxy S6 because they are run very fast and perform well every action row Date at which you expect.

Camera is not absolute victory party
The quality of camera phone too (which is often used as a measure of a genuine smartphone) now also become similar between manufacturers, and it is difficult to determine definitely which outperformed. Many magazines and prestigious technological forums often make comparisons between products with each other and most of all for the outcome "no party wins an absolute", or concluded, "it's a close race Button between three super food "!

The new software is a key differentiating factor and is what keeps people use. Google Now on Tap, the latest features on Android 6 help contextually intelligent suggestions to users based on the daily operations, will be able to become one of the best selling point for mobile devices running Android platform. Meanwhile, Apple will focus on the security and ability to combine highly personalized with smart features that are advantages all along.

Apple remains healthy because the reason they continue to perfect combination of hardware features and software. 3D Touch - Technology talked on ecom premier academy review actually not really be nothing but revolution is too clever marketing to make people think that the first time they had seen such a great thing. (See also: Learn 3D Touch on iPhone 6s)

3D Touch helps iPhone 6s successful serial
It is these small improvements like this, coupled with the software ecosystem, is becoming the only way to move ahead of the phone manufacturer. Once you have missed purchasing a brand then this is difficult is no reason to change other smartphones unless you care about the unique features found only in competitors, like Google Now on Android or iCloud, Siri on iOS. And the point of this small community will become one of the best baits and the only possibility to entice users in the future.

Certainly, we will see the hardware push under way to increase sales in the short term. Get specific examples illustrating the 3D Touch, almost is pioneering this type of boost, which Apple used to sell iPhone 6s. In the future, Apple will most likely leave the physical Home button to create a similar effect or Samsung will release a phone screen literally curled.

When the smartphone is increasingly under one roof and becomes difficult to differentiate between phone models launched in the same year, users will feel no need to change phones more often. The life cycle of one to two years to change the phone will stretch out to three or four years or more, as the current situation is happening with PCs. Because ultimately, the smart phone and then, like every other personal items, as long as it helps them connect with people and do what they want in demand is sufficient.

Smart shopping habits change
The event launched new products also lost its appeal and ultimately the majority users just change your phone to the latest generation when they fall into the mandatory, just buy a new smartphone when truly in need urgent only.

Maybe everything will be the same as the program's annual update of Apple, each year will be on a newer model just a little different in design and run faster, but ultimately ... there's nothing groundbreaking. The launch event will soon be pompous and a "fair way" and the cycle race replaced the phone will quickly end.

At the same time, we also may have identified more phone manufacturers to leave the game and even completely disappear in the market. The fact is happening is true if one looks at the latest market figures of HTC, ecom premier academy review ... phone manufacturers that are struggling in many ways to differentiate products and continues to exist, single out the business case gloomy results of HTC or Nokia empire once illustrious has evaporated in just two years.

Does everything have to be so pessimistic, or we still can expect something in the smartphone manufacturer? Need great a creative thinking and breakthrough vision like Steve Jobs had to turn the whole world in a few years ago.