Tong Xa bronze casting village is located in Y Yen district, Nam Dinh province. This craft village has a long history, more than 900 years. Bronze casters in Tong Xa have inherited and promoted the quintessence of their ancestors, creating sophisticated, beautiful and high-quality bronze products.

Tong Xa's copper products are very diverse, from household items such as pots, pans, to worship objects such as Buddha statues, god statues, copper tops, bronze urns, etc. Tong Xa's copper products are all made from pure copper, hand-cast by skilled workers. Therefore, they are highly durable, do not rust and are very beautiful.

Tong Xa bronze casting village is an attractive destination in Nam Dinh province. Every year, this craft village welcomes thousands of visitors. If you have the opportunity to come to Nam Dinh, don't forget to visit Tong Xa bronze casting village to learn about a traditional cultural beauty of Vietnam.

Tong Xa bronze casting village, Yen Xa commune, Y Yen district, Nam Dinh province is considered one of the major cradles of traditional bronze casting with a development history of nearly 900 years. This craft village has produced hundreds of types of bronze products with diverse designs and sizes, including worship objects, bronze portrait statues, monuments, Buddha statues, bronze paintings, bronze drums, bells, gongs and high-end feng shui and fine art products for interior and exterior decoration.

Private Vietnam tours. The bronze casting profession in Tong Xa is associated with a legend. The story has it that, more than 900 years ago, in Yen Khanh Phu (now Ninh Binh province), there was Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh who, from a young age, became a monk and followed Zen Master Giac Khong. He was a very good learner, traveled to many places, and brought his education to everyone. During a visit to Tong Xa, he taught the villagers how to make molds for bronze casting.

Centuries have passed, but the craft of bronze casting still endures and continues to develop. Currently, Tong Xa is one of the oldest bronze casting villages in Vietnam that still exists and develops. To remember his merits, the villagers built a temple. Every year, in the middle of the second lunar month, the village holds a festival to commemorate the merits of the person who taught the profession and brought a career to the village.

Tong Xa bronze casting village is not only famous for its technique and art but is also one of the richest craft villages in Vietnam. Here, there are more than 150 workshops producing fine art bronze products, creating jobs for more than 1,500 workers in the village as well as surrounding areas with income from 6 - 10 million VND/person/month. The craft village achieves a revenue of nearly 2,500 billion VND/year, creating hundreds of billionaires from traditional occupations.

Famous copper products of Tong Xa bronze casting village
The copper products of Tong Xa bronze casting village not only have economic value but also cultural, artistic and spiritual value. Copper products of the craft village include:
- Bronze statues : These are high-class works of art, demonstrating the ingenuity and sophistication of the artisans. Bronze statues are often used to decorate, symbolize or respect gods, saints, heroes, famous people... Bronze statues come in many sizes, from as small as a hand to as large as a real person. Some examples of famous bronze statues of craft villages are: Shakyamuni Buddha Statue at Bai Dinh Pagoda, Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara Statue at Buu Long Pagoda, Uncle Ho Statue in Hanoi...

- Worship items : bronze worship items are crafted very delicately and beautifully. They are sacred objects, used in festivals, temples, churches and homes. Worship objects include: Bells, incense bowls, flower vases, teapots, screens, fans... Worship objects are crafted with many formal and sophisticated patterns and motifs. Some examples of famous worship objects of craft villages are: Buddha's Birthday bell at Bai Dinh pagoda, Tam Quoc incense bowl at Tran Quoc pagoda, Pho Hien flower vase at Thien Mu pagoda...

Worship items cast in bronze range in price from a few hundred thousand VND to hundreds of millions of VND, depending on the size, material, pattern and motif of the items. For example, a 30cm high bronze incense bowl inlaid with Tam Qi costs about 3 to 5 million VND, a 40cm high bronze flower vase inlaid with Tam Qi costs about 4.5 million VND, a 50cm high bronze bell inlaid with Tam Qi costs about 4.5 million VND. 6 million VND.

- Interior decorations : Interior decoration products made of Y Yen bronze are also very popular. These are highly aesthetic products, used to beautify living spaces and as gifts. Popular products include: bronze statues, bronze paintings, bronze flower vases,...

The decorations are designed with many different styles and themes, from classic to modern, from traditional to modern. For interior decoration items cast in bronze, prices vary quite widely between casting establishments and stores. Depending on the size, material, style and theme of the products as well as the sophistication of the products, prices can vary greatly. For example, a 40cm high royal bronze candle costs about 1 million VND...